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Since 2012 ABOX42 is running a successful product story in the international market by B2B Smart TV Hardware- and Cloud-Solutions. Since 2016 ABOX42 also provides a second product line: A Cloud-based Smart HOME solution for the operator market, which includes own designed hardware as well.

ABOX42 delivers TV and VOD platforms with Hardware and cloud services to cable network operators, FTTH providers, Internet service providers, and telecom companies.
Our portfolio ranges from the design and manufacturing of Smart Set-Top Boxes to fully hosted and fully managed end-to-end life-cycle-management services in the cloud.
ABOX42 also combines the Smart TV world with the capabilities of Smart Home and IoT.

A fast growing number of households, worldwide, enjoy the operator services powered by our ABOX42 solutions.

  • Birthdate : year of 2012
  • Phone : +49 721 754 054 0
  • Email :
  • Website :
  • HQ Adress : Amalienbadstr. 41,
    76227 Karlsruhe, Germany.

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Team Philosophy


Team First

We are international. Our team spans 10+ nations at 5 locations worldwide. We respect everybody, independent of the religious conviction, the origin or skin color. Open-minded humans are welcome to the team.


Self Reflection

You are good in benchmarking yourself. Under promise and over deliver underlines your sportive character to fight with the team for common goals.


Daily Learning

We work on daily results. We make mistakes. We learn by everybody's mistakes and we avoid to repeat the same mistake by our conscious learning and experience sharing.


Properly Work

Say what you do, do what you say is our agreement in the team. Our common understanding of a properly and transparent work.



We don't thinking in rulebook slowdown. We are looking for self-starters. The ones who pushing themselves and the team members around with a mindset full of energy. We promise a win-win situation for this daily investment.



Our team cooperation is based on trust. No timekeeping or other kind of monitoring. We scoring in the team the results only and we attach importance to honesty.

  • Already experience in IPTV or Smart Home
  • Consumer-Electronic-savvy
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Speaks and Writes English
  • Cloud-Services-savvy
  • Likes Pig and Chicken Agility

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You are good in DevOPS?

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You are good in Frontend Development?

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You are good in Fullstack Software Development?

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China Partner-Program


You are Chinese ?

Since 2012 ABOX42, Germany and TV2NEXT located in Shenzhen, China are inseparable technology partners. In 2016 TV2NEXT and ABOX42 started furthermore a kind of unique partner-program which opening the option for chinese software engineers, QA engineers and Technical Project Manager to work in an international team in Germany as well.

TV2NEXT delivers the embedded Software Engineering and together with her daughter company also the Hardware Design for the ABOX42 products. Both companies are located in Shenzhen. Furthermore TV2NEXT is professional in mobile development, Android software development and Fullstack development. Beside, TV2NEXT already started to set up a cloud service unit, which is hosting SAAS services on Aliyun.

Software engineers, with the goal to become a professional Fullstack Developer are invited to be part of this partner program by TV2NEXT and ABOX42. You are welcome in this partner-program, no matter your are a software engineer with experience in embedded software development (Linux), Android software- , Mobile software- or even already with Fullstack-Development experience.

Our partner program includes also a chance for QA engineers and Technical project manager to get international experience.

In the phase one of this program you will start in Shenzhen employed by TV2NEXT. After passing the probation period successfully, you will get an option to work in germany for at least 2 years (plus additional option to extend this stay) employed by ABOX42, Technology-Region Karlsruhe.

For this phase two, ABOX42 and TV2NEXT specialists support you for the whole Blue card / Work Permission process. This includes also the support to find an apartment, set up a bank account, get the social insurance and other typical to dos for a long term residence. This process takes from our experience after the probation period about 6 months. For this time you will still employed in TV2NEXT Shenzhen.

Colleagues in ABOX42, who are chinese citizens will help you especially in the first time after you landed.

You will find a quite international (10+ Nations) and english-speaking team. Also the written language is english. So no worries, there is no dependency to start after landing to learn the german language immediately. Nevertheless we will help you to arrange a german language course, a course which runs typically twice a week in the evening.

After your time in germany you are welcome back in TV2NEXT for sure.

Sounds exciting?
Please check out for more details the job descriptions (navigate to "Join Us") section above. The contact information for chinese speaking candidates see down.





计划的第二阶段,ABOX42与TV2NEXT的专业人员将协助你进行Blue card和工作签证的申请,包括在德国寻找合适的公寓、开通银行帐户、购买当地社保及其它相关事项。在此期间,你仍是TV2NEXT的一员,在深圳工作直至全部手续、文件办理完成。




请上翻到“JOIN US”处以查看目前正在开放的职位,深圳的联系方式请参看本网页右下角。
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Karlsruhe, Germany


Human Resources, Germany (DE/EN)


Mrs. Susanne Anselment

Amalienbadstr. 41
76227 Karlsruhe, Germany

TV2NEXT Software Engineering

Human Resources, China (EN/CN)

TV2NEXT/ABOX42 Partner-Program

Mrs. Kristy Chen

TV2NEXT Software Engineering
Building C-1601, Tiley Central Plaza
No. 3 Haide
RoadNanshan District, Shenzhen, China